AP students prepare for exams


Aliyah Wachob

As AP testing approaches, students’ afternoons are spent poring over months of notes to prepare.

Aliyah Wachob, Staff Writer

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As the days grow longer and warmer, thoughts of summertime fun begin to surface. Before students can embark on their vacations, though, they must slog their way through end-of-the-year final exams. However, for AP students, the first round of tests, the AP exams, comes sooner.

The AP, or Advanced Placement, tests are exams administered nationally by the College Board towards the end of each school year. This year, the exams will take place from May 1 through May 12. Exams are offered in a variety of subjects, ranging from chemistry and Chinese to psychology and environmental science, according to the College Board. Many of these classes are available to Carlmont students as well.

AP classes are offered in order to prepare students for the exams, but students also have an option to study for an exam by themselves. However, many have found that teachers are a beneficial resource when it comes to preparing for the exams.

“My teachers have helped me prepare for the AP exams by providing practice exams released from the College Board and explaining how points are distributed,” said Sabrina Madback, a senior. “The most beneficial thing done by a teacher would probably be hosting AP practice sessions and always answering questions during the AP review period.” 

Support from teachers can be crucial to success on AP exams, especially if it’s the first exam a student has taken. According to the College Board’s AP Central, AP teachers will help students manage challenging work alongside other priorities while still in high school, so they’ll be ready when they’re on their own.

This level of support from teachers is often one of the many reasons why students choose to continue to take AP classes, and later the AP exams. Although the AP program is rigorous, with the proper assistance, students have the capability to thrive and excel, in both the classroom and the exam room.

“I chose to take AP Euro because the class is built on preparing you for the test,” said Cody Vo, a sophomore. “I do plan on taking more AP classes due to the amount of work and prep our teacher gives.”