Testing book drive provides financial aid


Kathryn Stratz

ASB promotes the testing book drive around campus.

Kathryn Stratz, Staff Writer

High school students are often encouraged to take great measures in preparing for standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Unfortunately, the costs add up.

Say a senior is taking two AP exams, as well as one SAT and one ACT. He or she will spend about $650 to $900. Let’s break this down.

According to the College Board, an average exam costs $93, and preparation books range from $10 to $45, costing a student over $100 total.

SAT and ACT tests are about $50 each, according to College Readiness. Add prep classes and online courses and the total rises even further.

That is where the ASB book drive comes in.

Jade Sebti is a Carlmont junior in ASB and is in charge of the book drive, which takes unused test prep books and lets students use them as they need.

“Essentially, this is to give an opportunity to kids that don’t necessarily have the budgets to afford testing books because the costs are very high,” Sebti said.

AP US History and AP European History teacher Jayson Waller knows just how much some students stretch themselves financially for AP exams. 

“The book drive is a good idea because it provides access to preparation materials for students who can’t afford them,” said Waller.

Also, after an AP exam is taken, the student will likely never use that prep book again. So, the drive serves as a place for students to get rid of their old books.

“Most people who have taken AP classes have unused prep books sitting in their room. So, we [ASB] place bins in every history class, especially ones with twelfth-grade classes, as well as in the ASB room, where people can drop their books off,” said Sebti.

Carlmont students are benefitted by this, as they have resources at their fingertips, no matter their financial circumstances.

“Students can come in during lunch and pick up books they will need,” Sebti said.