ASB creates holiday cheer as finals week arrives


Sadie Lyman

Holiday grams are one of the many activities that will be going on this holiday season. Be sure to get holiday grams at lunch in the quad from Dec.4 to Dec. 14.

Sadie Lyman , Staff Writer

As the holidays begin to approach, ASB has plans for many activities for all students to participate in.

As the holiday season neared in the past, ASB created various activities to engage various students, including cookies in the quad, pictures with Santa, holiday grams, and toy drives to help the community.

Many of the traditional activities will be returning this year. ASB has made sure to create a happy environment at school and involve everyone in the holiday spirit.

One activity returning this year is the holiday grams. They will be sold from Dec. 4 through Dec. 14 in the quad at lunch. Another activity returning this year is the pictures with Santa at lunch in the quad in a few weeks.

“ASB will start selling the holiday grams for people to buy for each other soon. Also in a few weeks, ASB is going to set up a lot of holiday-themed decorations in the quad and that is when the pictures with Santa will begin,” said Kaija Villagrand, a sophomore.

Many small activities will be going on from now until finals. ASB has made sure to keep the student body posted on all the upcoming events.

“There will also be other small activities that will involve the holidays. Be sure to pay attention to the posters in the hallways because they will have all the information for each activity,” said Villagrand.

Students find the holiday season stressful because finals are coming up. Many even become too focused on their finals to even acknowledge the holiday season.

“I really appreciate ASB for making so many different activities to do during the last few weeks of school. They help keep everyone positive and cheery. Each student could use a little happiness during this time to help take a little break from cramming for finals week and enjoy the season,” said Taryn Schloss, a sophomore.

Many students look forward to this time of the year because of all the excitement going on at school.

“Last year, I really liked the pictures with Santa. I think it’great that ASB goes full out for this one activity. I also really liked cookies in the quad. I liked being able to make Christmas cookies at school and they tasted so good,” said Schloss.