Feminist club spreads Christmas cheer to Costa Rica


Feminist club makes Christmas cards to send to a safe house in Costa Rica.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s Feminist Club works together to empower women and promote equal rights between genders. Feminist club not only tries to spread equality and comfort to girls at school, but also around the world.

This holiday season, members of the club wrote Christmas cards to girls and workers in a safe house in Costa Rica called Salvando Corazones. In English this translates to “saving hearts.”

“The safe house is where young girls who have been taken into the sex slave trade can go to stay safe and rehabilitate,” said senior Kalila Kirk.

Members of the Feminist Club came up with the idea to write cards to the girls and workers in the safe house to wish them a merry Christmas as well as to provide them with a sense of encouragement and comfort.

Students in the club wrote and decorated cards to each individual girl and worker in the safe house. The girls at the safe house speak Spanish, but are learning English as well. Cards to the girls were written in both languages.

When asked how she felt about the card making activity, sophomore Gabi Dimick said, “I feel like I am helping people, making a difference, and making someone’s day better.”

Feminist Club strives to get the fact out that women have and should be able to practice just as much authority as men do.

Senior Sara Maripuu said, “There are other people [in the club] that I can share my anger with. Everyone agrees with one another and no one is there to tell you that you are wrong.”

“Girl power” as Maripuu called it, is what Feminist Club encourages and stands by.