ASB works to make Winter Formal a night to remember


ASB sells tickets to the Winter Formal in the quad.

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer

You walk into a room filled with decorations, people dancing, and the vibration of music. Everyone is dressed up with smiles on their faces, and behind it all is ASB.

ASB is broken up into commissions that each work on setting up and facilitating different fun events for students.

Winter Formal is one of the bigger events ASB sets up, and therefore a lot of preparation goes into making it happen. The dance and finance commissions do most of the work, followed by the publicity commission.

Jim Kelly, the Activities Director, and teacher for ASB said, “The dance commission has been planning the dance since about November. They work with the various vendors we use for decorations, food, DJ, lighting, etc. The Dance Commission also creates and maintains a budget for the dance that helps to determine ticket cost.”

The other logistics that are involved when preparing a dance are handled by the finance commission. They arrange the credit and debit card sales as well as deposit the ticket money.  

Sophie Oestreich, a student who is in ASB and a part of the publicity commission, said, “As part of the publicity, you don’t think that you play a huge role, but all those posters and flyers tend to get the attention of people who usually wouldn’t go out of their way to participate in a school event, and if they see a cool poster, even if that’s the decision maker of one kid, that’s really nice.”

Posters around our school are not unlike billboards around our community and it has been shown that 56 percent of people who see billboards tend to bring up the topic in a later conversation.

Sloan Adrouny, a student in the dance commission, said, “Dance preparation is definitely a team effort. We learn so much from each other every day and are able to support one another throughout the whole process.”

The dance commission puts in extra time outside of class and lunch to work on decorations and logging tickets.

“I believe that all my students do work that is basically professional. I’m extremely proud of everything ASB does for Carlmont,” Kelly said.

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