Ticket sales meet a new peak for Winter Formal


Anna Delmas

Students line up to get their tickets to winter formal.

Anna Delmas, Staff Writer

Over 600 students lined up at lunch on Wednesday to get their tickets to winter formal, a number that crushes last years sales by over double.

The theme this year is going to be “Under the Stars” and it seems to be catching attention among the student body. The planning starts right after Homecoming to be sure that ASB will be ready to sell tickets right after winter break. Prices went down this year, with tickets beginning at $35 on the 16th, $45 from the 17th to the 22nd, and then $50 from the 23rd to the 25th.   

There is a special branch of ASB dedicated to dances in charge of choosing the theme, making decorations, and getting the venue. They also get the opportunity to collaborate with other groups in ASB like the publicity and media commissions to make advertisements for the dance.

Sloan Adrouny, a sophomore, is one of the people on the dance commission and has been working hard for months to put the event together.

“I work with three other girls and we coordinate every aspect of formal from booking the venue to decorating to getting a photographer to making sure we have a DJ!” Adrouny said. “We’re definitely excited for the dance and we can’t wait to see everyone there!”

ASB President, Valerie Wang, oversees all of the events that ASB does, but Winter Formal, in particular, stands out to her as a highlight of the year. 

“Formal is one of our most important events of the year,” said Wang, a senior. “It’s an event that reaches a large portion of the school.”

Caden Posse, a sophomore, is one of the many excited students planning on attending Winter Formal this year. Dances like this are able to bring together students from many social groups and grades.

“I’m excited to go with all of my friends and have a good time eating food, dancing, and listening to music,” Posse said. “I don’t usually go to dances, but this one seemed fun and so I convinced all of my friends to go with me! I’m expecting to have a really great time!”