ASB’s reach out hangout commission brings people to the Carlmont family


Talia Schreiber

Students brought in different Halloween themed treats to the potluck including handmade marshmallow cupcakes.

Talia Schreiber, Staff Writer

With over 2000 students enrolled in Carlmont, it can be difficult to bring together people of different backgrounds.

Every month, the ASB reach out hangout commission hosts an evening filled with food, games, and music that helps unite students and create long-lasting friendships between them.

On Oct. 13, the annual Halloween themed hangout occurred.

Maddy Palarca-Wong, a senior, said, “It gives the students an opportunity to get outside their comfort zone and make connections with other students they wouldn’t typically hang out with, and it also provides a platform for students across different groups of our school to connect and have fun with each other.”

Since some students may be shy or have trouble participating in social activities, the reach out commission works to create a safe environment and help these people grow their social skills.

“I feel like it takes away the disconnect between them and us. And, everyone who comes really cares about it, so it is really genuine and helps the people feel a lot more included in the Carlmont family,” said sophomore and ASB member Sloan Adrouney.

Additionally, the commission’s main goal is to push students to be more open in participating in other school activities while also creating healthy friendships, relationships, and memories with all kinds of different people.

“It’s a really cool experience because the kids get to see out of their element and meet and talk to other people they don’t normally see at school and form close relationships with them,” Kaila Mccord, a junior and commission member, said. “Everything is positive and everyone just has such a good time.”

In some cases, the reach out hangout commission has helped many students who have felt overwhelmed or intimidated at Carlmont overcome their uneasiness.

For some students, this club has dramatically changed their lives for the better.

Gabrielle Blatt, a sophomore, said, “Going to the hangout was a life-changing thing for me and it really made a difference in my life because it helped me find friends and made me feel really comfortable at Carlmont.”

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