Movie Mates Club ‘premieres’ despite controversy


Nicole Yeo

Classic Film Club members watch “Isle of Dogs” at their meeting in room A1.

Nicole Yeo, Staff Writer

Clubs promote diversity throughout Carlmont and every year, more are created, some based off of new ideas, and others stemming from existing clubs.

Movie Mates is a club that was founded this year by President Eoin Cunningham and Vice President Jack Likens. Both are fans of cinema, especially current productions, and discuss it frequently.

“We watch more modern movies and discuss things that are in theaters now,” Likens said.

However, Movie Mates’ advisor, Joshua Sheridan, was initially concerned that the club was too similar to one of Carlmont’s other movie clubs, Classic Film Club. The club’s representatives insisted otherwise.

“They said, ‘No, it’s different because [Classic Film Club] only does classic movies and we’re going to do whatever people vote on,’” Sheridan said.

In contrast to the newly developed Movie Mates, Classic Film Club formed three years ago and is now run by William Yonts, a senior, with help from Vice Presidents Katrina Sharonin and Emily Yonts.

“The goal of [Classic Film Club] is to build a cinematic canon to watch movies that are influential or that we believe will be influential in the future,” William Yonts said.

One major difference between Movie Mates and Classic Film Club is their method of choosing movies.

To choose movies for Movie Mates, members make suggestions or they browse Netflix.

“Sometimes one person will have just seen a movie and they’ll want to share it with the rest of us,” Likens said.

At Classic Film Club, William Yonts chooses the movies and explores the making of the film rather than just the film itself. Although based off of a similar premise, both clubs offer unique opportunities and draw different audiences.

“You should join Classic Film Club if you are passionate about film as a storytelling device and as an art form. Also, join if you want to learn more about the techniques of filmmaking and the scope of what cinema can do, what emotions it can evoke, what ideas it can express, just why it’s such a good art form,” William Yonts said.

At Movie Mates, members can explore more modern forms of cinematography.

“People should come to [Movie Mates] Club because they can discover a new form of media that they probably haven’t appreciated as much before [and] we can introduce them to new movies,” Likens said.

For those interesed in watching or learning about movies and filmmaking, Classic Film Club meets every Monday and Friday in room A1 and Movie Mates is scheduled for every Wedensday in room F10.

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