Awareness Week coming


The pink ribbons for cancer will be handed out on Monday to promote awareness.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

The pink ribbons for cancer will be handed out on Monday to promote awareness.

Many things affect the lives of students at Carlmont but some people unaware if the daily issues that burden others. To spread awareness on several of the issues, Carlmont’s Associated Student Body is celebrating Awareness Week.

The goal of the week is to make students more aware of the various issues.

Human Relations supervisor Bita Shahrvini said, “We were brainstorming more stuff we could do with the Human Relations commission. We looked at different problems and issues in society and we decided to have a spirit week for it.”

The spirit days start Monday, April 18 and end on Friday, April 19.

Monday is pink for cancer. Tuesday is grey for asthma. Wednesday is purple for bullying. Thursday is green for depression. Friday is white for AIDS.

According to the Do Something website, asthma costs the country more than $50 billion per year in healthcare costs.

Students are encouraged to wear the color picked for each day to represent the cause.

To promote wearing the colors of each day, ASB has decided to hand out the corresponding colored ribbons everyday of the week.

The Human Relations commission decided to have the spirit week to help get students more involved in daily problems.

Shahrvini said, “The more people are aware of issues, the easier it will be to fight against things like cancer and depression.”

According to, there are an estimated 171,330 new cases of cancer in California since the beginning of 2013.

Don’t forget to wear pink on Monday to support cancer.

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