Band and orchestra: winter concert preparation


Members of the Jazz band.

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

As the holidays draw near, band and orchestra students begin to prepare for the Winter Concert.

Senior Julio Medina said that the band has “been practicing in the main theatre for the last week.” A long time participant in the music, Medina plays four different instruments: guitar, piano, clarinet and the bass. In the upcoming concert, he will be playing the clarinet in the Symphonic Band and the bass in the Jazz Band. “I’m excited to see how it turns out,” said Medina.

Members of the Jazz band.
Members of the Jazz Band.

Tickets for the concert are $10 for adults, $8 for high school students and seniors and $2 for children in middle school and younger.

Students are encouraged to purchase their tickets online at in advance, as the performances generally sell out.

For the first time, the concert will have a night dedicated solely to the jazz band. “It will feature performances by the regular jazz band, morning jazz band, and two small combos,” said three year jazz band member senior Kalila Kirk.

“We started practicing the winter concert music the first week of school. We had to sight read all the music,” said Kirk.

To prepare for rehearsals “we do scales and tune our instruments,” said orchestra member sophomore Alison Luna. Being part of the instrumental music department exposes one to classical music. Having orchestra first period “relaxes me,” said Luna.

Luna first began her musical career with the piano. She then moved on to play the trumpet, followed by the violin. “My dad played the trumpet. He inspired me to learn,” said Luna.

With the first semester coming to a close, band and orchestra students continue to rehearse.