Brunch at Town lives up to the price


Tiziana Senatti

This is one of the brunch favorites on Town’s menu, the JC’s Loco Moco. House-ground filet mignon, spiced chorizo, fried onions, peppercorn gravy, and a fried egg all over a bed of white rice make for a great brunch-time meal.

Tiziana Senatti, Staff Writer

Town is a restaurant located in downtown San Carlos and is a place where people can enjoy a variety of delicious American cuisine.

When I went to Town for brunch over the weekend, looking at the menu, I was having trouble deciding on what to eat.

Out of the five starters on the menu, I chose the Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls, which are filled with spiced, seared steak, provolone, and American cheeses.

They come with horseradish cream sauce and spicy ketchup on the side, but the sauces don’t even need be with the dish because the spring rolls are delicious by themselves. You will instantly fall in love with the crunchy texture and amazing taste.

For the main course, I ordered JC’s Loco Moco out of the 15 items on their menu. It consists of house-ground filet mignon, spiced chorizo, steamed rice, fried eggs, crispy onions, and silky peppercorn gravy.

This meal has a great pop. Its gravy was silky smooth and was complimented by the fried eggs and steak. The onions had a good crunch to them and were delicious with both the egg yolk and rice.

For brunch, I highly recommend the Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls and JC’s Loco Moco, both of which are sure to be delicious.

The waiters at Town are nice and attentive, and the overall ambiance is nice.

Once you go, you will fall in love with everything on their menu, from their yummy drinks to their tasty food, and the pleasing environment will only enhance the meal.

Even though their prices can almost break a bank, it is definitely worth it to go to Town and try their food and drinks.

With their toothsome food and delightful drinks, hopefully Town will be a restaurant in San Carlos for a very long time.

[star rating=”4.5″]