Just Panini serves up delicious bites


Zana Lunsford

Just Panini recently opened its doors in early October to customers hungry for a fresh, hot panini.

Zana Lunsford, Staff Writer

Just Panini recently opened its doors to the San Carlos and Belmont community to share the yummy deliciousness of a simple grilled sandwich.

Located at 711 Laurel St. in San Carlos, Just Panini is a new restaurant that replaced the popular pizza joint Speederia. This rustic yet modern shop has created buzz among the community for its delicious paninis and more.

By serving over 20 different types of grilled sandwiches and five fresh salads, this new eatery allows everyone to get something that they want.

I went for the first sandwich on the menu, which was the Tuscan Chicken Panino. A topping of caramelized onions, a filling of melted Swiss cheese and juicy grilled chicken breast piled high onto two thick pieces of toasted rosemary focaccia bread, and a finishing of basil pesto mayo make for a delicious mouthful of a delectable sandwich.

While sipping on a bubbly refreshment, I took a big bite. The focaccia is crispy and buttery on the outside with a warm, soft inside. The rosemary adds a hint of herbal zest to the sandwich, which is just enough to compliment the bright flavors of the basil in the pesto and the caramelized onions.

As I was enjoying myself, I looked around the petite restaurant. The walls were simply decorated with posters of food and blended textiles. The floor is covered in plain gray tiles while reclaimed lumber crawls up the walls, contributing to the panini joint’s sense of cleanliness and comfort. An aroma of rich, fresh ingredients filled the air while rustic light fixtures and large picture windows lit up the inside.

Zana Lunsford
Just Panini’s location is in a prime area of San Carlos, near the train station and on a popular street.

Although service was on the slower side, I have to acknowledge that it was a 4 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon and the owner, Harpik Avetian, was the only one working. He diligently prepared our sandwiches and was kind enough to talk to us during the process. While there was some waiting involved, the food was worth it in the end.

The pricing of sandwiches seems right on the dot given that all their food is fresh and made to order, averaging the costs of sandwiches to about $9.10 per sandwich and $10.95 per salad.

With more modifications occurring in downtown San Carlos and Belmont, I’m delighted that Just Panini has arrived. With their delicious, savory sandwiches, I’m hoping they’re here to stay.

[star rating=”4.5″]