Call of Duty comes again


Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

Each year the video game “Call of Duty” sells millions of copies and is known for being the biggest seller among video games each year.

Last year, “Call of Duty Black Ops 2” brought in over $800 million in the first five days of sale. Already, “Call of Duty Ghosts” has sold a record breaking over $1 billion dollars on the first day of sales, Nov. 5.

Ghosts has many new features and advances since the previous game “Call of Duty Black Ops 2.” It has a very in depth player customization, seven new game modes, new gun camos, and a completely new slide and lean feature.

Scott Lowe from said, “At its core lies the expansive new Create a Soldier system, which affords us the ability to create and customize 10 unique characters, each with up to six loadouts, for a total of 60 available classes and 20,000 possible configurations. Create a Soldier also riffs on Black Ops II’s Pick 10 system, allowing you to forego certain equipment in order to outfit a primary weapon with extra attachments or enable extra perks.”

Lowe continued, “In all, there are an impressive 39 weapons, 12 pieces of equipment, 35 new perks, 36 scorestreaks spanning three categories, and various weapons attachments to choose from.”

Senior Robert Zuniga is looking forward to all of the player customization options. He said, “I like customizing my player. It makes me feel like I can have my own identity online.”

Aside from the new story line and characters, this game should be very similar to previous editions of the game. It should still have the same “Call of Duty” feel, fast, and fluid with in depth scenery.

The story takes place in the near future after conflicts with Russia and terrorist countries risk destroying the world.

Senior Sandip Srinivas said, “I’m looking forward to see what they come up with and how the game looks.”