Cross country on the right track


A Carlmont runner at the first PAL meet of the season

Sarah Klieves, Editor-in-Chief

A Carlmont runner at the first PAL meet of the season

This past Tuesday at Half Moon Bay High School, the Carlmont cross country team started out the season on a great note at the first Peninsula Athletic League meet this year, winning first place in the boys varsity category as well as third place in both girls varsity and  boys frosh-soph.

According to PAL results, boys varsity ran their way to first place on the 2.33-mile course with a score of 20. However, the team was not able to get first place in the girls varsity category.

Cole Castro, a runner on the team, stated that “the meet went very well” and that “it was an almost perfect meet.”

In cross country, a team’s goal is to get the lowest overall score. Each team gets points based on what place the runners come in. The first five runners in each category receive points; first place receives one point, second receives two, third gets three, fourth gets four, and fifth receives five.

Most of Carlmont’s runners finished in the top five in their respective categories, contributing to keeping the team’s score low and success at the meet.

Many team members are happy about the results of the meet. They have been training since July and their hard work is paying off. Assistant Coach Kevin Abbey said that he “couldn’t ask for a better dream team.” Abbey also stated that if there was a fantasy football team for cross country, this would be it.

Carlmont has done well in the past, ranking high at meets, and it looks like the Scots will continue on that path as they begin another season.