Carlmont wears all white for game day


Sophie Penn

Junior Tori Miranda shows her school spirit with Carlmont mascot Monty.

Sophie Penn, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief


Every year the football game between Sequoia High School and Carlmont elicits passion from both sides. For the final home game of the season, Carlmont students participated in a white-out.

On most game days, Carlmont students have shown their school pride by wearing Scots gear. However, for the final football game of the season against Carlmont’s rival team, Sequoia, the student body wore all white.

“[A white-out theme] creates a lot of spirit because it’s changing how people are showing their spirit, and it makes people more excited, especially because it’s the last game,” said freshman Kaylie Moropoulos.

The spirit day is designed to create a feeling of excitement and anticipation on campus, in preparation for the game. However, the student body had conflicting opinions on the change from wearing blue and gray to wearing white.

Spirit Commissioner sophomore Jake Stulbarg expressed his positive outlook on the theme: “A lot of our Scots gear is white, and it will look really cool if everyone is wearing white.”

However, fellow spirit commissioner sophomore Amy Yolland, discussed the cons of the spirit day, saying that because most students have strictly blue clothing, the level of spirit shown will not increase. Many students expressed similar concerns that they would not be able to show as much spirit due to their personal lack of white attire.

Carlmont has shown increasing amounts of school spirit throughout the football season, and continued the trend at the final game. With or without all-white clothing, there is always plenty of Scots gear repped by students.

Spirit days are not just a fun way to show school spirit, they also create a feeling of unity among students. “It allows people to bond over one particular cause,” said Activities Director Jim Kelly.