Students hyped for football season-closer


Minh-Han Vu

Carlmont students show their spirit by dressing up in school colors.

Connie Yi, Staff Writer

It’s here. It’s blue. It’s C-Town.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Carlmont is playing Sequoia High School on Carlmont turf. The junior varsity game is at 4 p.m. and the varsity game is at 7 p.m.

Students are getting hyped for the game by wearing white and blue to support Carlmont’s team.

“Win or lose, the Screamin’ Scots will still bring the most energy and enthusiasm to the game. I’m so excited to see everyone there, in white and having a good time. I know that everyone will want to make this the best game of the year, and I can’t wait to see the intensity and passion everyone will bring to the game!” said sophomore Tyrese Lopez.

For the past four years Sequoia has been unstoppable for the Scots, but this year, Carlmont’s football team wants to change that.

“We are definitely prepared for this game, especially the seniors, knowing it can potentially be our last football game we ever play,” said varsity player senior Blake O’Connor.

Senior football players are excited that Sequoia is their last game.

“As a senior, it feels great to go against our rivals in the last game. It is one we look forward to all season and there is no better way to end a season than a game that brings in a big crowd against our rival school,” said O’Connor.

Some people are praying that Friday the 13th will hopefully be unlucky for the Sequoia team.

Friday the 13th is a widely acknowledged day of bad luck and misfortune for all, but Carlmont is looking to bypass such superstitions.

“All we are focused on is the game. The date doesn’t affect our views on the game tomorrow,” said sophomore Chris Park.

On game day, Carlmont is having a white-out spirit day in which students were encouraged to wear white to school and to the game to show off their Scots pride.

“Although we ‘ve lost to them in games in past years, our spirit will always be better than Sequoia,” said Lopez.  

Homecoming is past, but students have one last shot to go to a big game.

“There was about 1500-2000 people at Homecoming, and we are expecting a good amount of people going to the last game too,” said ASB advisor Jim Kelly.