Cheap Ways to Revamp Your Closet: A breakdown on different accessories to use


Enya Lou-Wimmer

The accessories worn with these all-black outfits bring something unique to them.

Another way to spice up your closet in a cheap and easy way is to use accessories. There are so many different types of accessories to use, so here is a breakdown of the different types you can use to create new outfits.

First, we have jewelry. Earrings can be a simple accessory or a statement piece. If you want to dress up a basic outfit, adding a pair of big or colorful earrings can upgrade it. Necklaces look good with a shirt or dress that shows off your neck. Depending on what necklace you wear, you can dress up or down your outfit. Bracelets are simple accessories that add a little something to your outfit but are not typically used to dress it up.

After jewelry, there are belts. Colorful or patterned belts are useful for adding a pop of color to an everyday outfit. You can even add a unique look by using a shoelace as a belt.

Next, there are bags. If you are going for a casual look, a backpack or small purse will look best; a clutch or wristlet can create a more formal style.

Additionally, there are sunglasses and hats. Sunglasses can add something to any outfit, but hats go best with casual looks unless they are fancy.

Besides accessories that can be worn, my favorite accessory is a hairstyle. The way you style your hair can change your look completely. A casual look can be completed by putting your hair up in a ponytail, up in braids, or just leaving it down. Styling your hair (whether by using heat or by making elegant braids) can help create a more formal style. For hair accessories, plain clips or hair bands add to a casual style, and using more fancy clips or other cute accessories can dress it up.

Overall, any accessory you wear will take your outfit to the next level. Do not be afraid to try out different accessories to create your own unique style!

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