Chinese Culture Club teaches students about Chinese heritage and culture


Aaron Trierweiler

A group of students listen to a presentation in Chinese Culture Club

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

Within the walls of room U14, Chinese Culture Club (CCC) works to extend knowledge about Chinese heritage and culture to all students.  On the first and third Fridays of the month, CCC organizes meetings that consist of a short presentation followed by an interactive activity.  

Activities include Chinese calligraphy, art, and many others.

“A club meeting about Chinese calligraphy wouldn’t be the same if it was just talking about how it’s done, rather than having students actually take part in it and taking interest in it,” said Emma Lee, a sophomore.

The main focuses of the club are encouraging of heritage pride and spreading of knowledge about Chinese culture throughout the Carlmont community.  

Chinese culture club participates in many school-wide events as well, it is not always just confined to its classroom.  For example, the club annually helps plan and put together a Chinese New Year celebration, and also participates in the annual Carlmont Heritage Fair.

“We organize and host a Chinese New Year event in the Student Union, in which people from various schools come together and learn about Chinese traditions,” said Albert Li, a sophomore and Vice President of the Chinese Culture Club.

Chinese Culture Club is also a place on campus where one can meet new people.

“I’ve worked with and developed relationships with so many people that I wouldn’t have met if we weren’t involved in Chinese Culture Club,” said Julia Tu, a senior and the president of the Chinese culture club.

Overall, Chinese Culture Club is a place for everyone to enjoy and learn about Chinese heritage, traditions, and culture. CCC also offers many things other than education about Chinese culture including an opportunity to advance many necessary skills in life.

“Throughout high school, my participation in Chinese Culture Club has helped develop my research, leadership, and communication skills,” said Tu.

Many factors make Carlmont a diverse school, such as religion, background, or heritage. Chinese Culture Club represents part of that diversity and prides itself on it.

“In the Chinese Culture Club, we make sure that the Chinese community is proud of its heritage and provide a safe place for those who feel that they need it,” said Lee.