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Tell Me About Yourself Ep.1: The Chinese teacher serves her opinion on Panda Express

September 11, 2020

Tell Me About Yourself is a series where Ethan Man sits down and asks Carlmont teachers about their personal lives, work, and changes in both due to COVID-19. This week, we have ...

Annual flower festival kicks off Chinese New Year’s celebration

January 30, 2020

Every year, people gather in San Francisco to celebrate the flower fair where they can browse and make purchases from the displays of flowers, fruits, and candy, simultaneously...

The Self-Help for the Elderly booth hands out mooncake to families celebrating in the park.

Autumn Moon Festival shines light on family values

September 17, 2019

From traditional lion dances to eating mooncake, the Autumn Moon Festival brought families together to celebrate a cherished Chinese tradition. The festival took place from...

The dates of the Spanish II finals are posted in a classroom.

Finals cause extra stress for students in language classes

May 25, 2019

Although finals week is approaching fast, exams for the different language classes have already begun. In most classes, teachers administer only one or two finals in the two ho...

Chinese students celebrate the Lunar New Year – Jai Sinha

March 7, 2019

Jai Sinha reports on Carlmont's Chinese classes celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Teenagers from LionDanceME perform the finale of the lion and dragon dance.

Lunar New Year Extravaganza welcomes the Year of the Pig

January 30, 2019

It is almost the Year of the Pig. But at the Hillsdale Shopping Center, the celebration already started on Jan. 26, a few weeks before the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is...

The dumplings served at Hong Kong Seafood never fail to impress.

Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant provides staple Chinese fare

May 30, 2018

Nearly every family seems to have a restaurant that they can go to when they are hungry and don't know where to go. For my family, this restaurant has always been Hong Kong...

The yellow lion dances in front of the crowd. The lion dance symbolizes good luck  in Chinese culture.

New year event celebrates Chinese culture

February 9, 2018

Chinese New Year is a holiday that goes back to ancient times, and it is still celebrated today. The date of Chinese New Year, which is also known as the lunar new year, usually...

A group of students listen to a presentation in Chinese Culture Club

Chinese Culture Club teaches students about Chinese heritage and culture

January 21, 2018

Within the walls of room U14, Chinese Culture Club (CCC) works to extend knowledge about Chinese heritage and culture to all students.  On the first and third Fridays of the ...

The polls for the officer elections officially close on May 5 and CCC members can also vote online.

Chinese Culture Club prepares for the coming year

May 3, 2017

On Friday, April 27, Chinese Culture Club (CCC) officer candidates held their election speeches. As the school year comes to an end, CCC is preparing for its next chapter nex...

Julia Tu serves the ball as Albert Li waits anxiously on the other side of the table to return it.

Chinese Culture Club pings into PongPlanet

April 7, 2017

On Friday, March 31, Chinese Culture Club (CCC) went on a field trip to PongPlanet in San Carlos to learn the history of ping pong and how to play the game. Instructor Lau,...

Members of Chinese Culture Club discuss future events and the election of new officers.

Chinese Culture Club plans for next year’s event

March 29, 2017

Through previous years, Carlmont students have gained more and more knowledge on Chinese New Year, a holiday celebrated by Chinese families worldwide each year. Chinese Culture...

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