‘Divergent’ soundtrack enhances


Alex Lay, Staff Writer

The Divergent soundtrack has high expectations to live up to, including the need for accurate portrayal and unity with the movie.

Songs on the soundtrack accurately represent the movie and the vibes it gives off, in the way that they appeal to emotions.

The songs throughout the movie allow it to flow and add emotions, attracting the audience, and this soundtrack does a relatively good job at achieving this almost unreachable goal.

Many Divergent fans enjoyed certain aspects of the album and other fans were shocked.

“It was definitely a lot more electronic than I had expected however I did like the songs in the sense that it kind of reflected the relationship between Four and Tris,” said sophomore Melody Shanahan.

The movie Divergent is extremely popular among the teenage crowd, and music is a significant factor on the quality of a movie, especially among teens.

“I thought the music fit the movie perfectly. It was ‘Dauntless’ and ‘Abnegation’ intertwined to create an intricate background of music,” said senior Charlotte Jackman.

Other fans agreed with Jackman about how the quality of the music flowed with the book.

“Titles like ‘Beating Heart,’ ‘Fight for You,’ ‘Find You,’ ‘Hanging On,’ ‘I Need You’ and ‘Dead in the Water’ all have that link with the book, adding to the quality of the soundtrack,” said Shanahan.

Music has a great influence on movies, especially those who have dedicated fans.

“As a musical person I believe that music makes or breaks a movie. The music in Divergent really reflected the passion and intensity in some scenes. Music in movies amplifies whatever emotion the scene is trying to portray, and I think this soundtrack really demonstrated the overall message of Divergent,” said sophomore Alex Davidovich.

The soundtrack includes many different genres of music, providing the audience of the movie with diversity, appealing to most watching.

The music in the movie was dark and gave off certain vibes, pulling the theme from dull to dangerous within a matter of seconds.
The Divergent soundtrack had to accurately add to the quality of the movie, and it needed to flow in unison. The music did a very good job in fulfilling expectations of fans of both the books and the movie.

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