Donald Trump as the modern-day Sith Lord

Donald Trump discusses his theory on how America can improve itself at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump discusses his theory on how America can improve itself at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Justin Som, Staff Writer

According to Jedi Master Yoda, fear is the path to the dark side. “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate, leads to suffering.”

In George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise, the Sith are famous for their manipulation skills and capabilities of spreading hate. In fact, the high master of the Sith, Darth Sidious, was such an expert of these techniques that he successfully converted some of the strongest Jedi ever to join his terrible cause. And this was all done by planting only a tiny bit of fear into the heads of these Jedi.

Well, in the 21st century,  Donald Trump is a prime example of a politician who uses this skill. However, unlike the numerous politicians and Sith lords who attempted to hide their biased views, Donald Trump has exposed his views to the public.

As a student who supports the Democratic Party myself, I personally find it easy to ignore the rants that equal Trump’s agenda. On the other hand, it’s quite the opposite for many GOP supporters.

At a time where conflicts such as ISIS and terrorism are so common, it is hard for some voters not to listen to the relentless voice that is Trump as he condemns other races.

Claiming that either the US will be full of immigrants, or that it will be devoid of them, Trump’s argument implies that there are only two choices, one being all bad and the other all good.

But as Obi-Wan Kenobi said during Episode III, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

And Donald Trump is the Sith of America.

He has already led Americans to fear other races.  He has also announced numerous times during his campaign rallies that he was angry at illegal immigrants, and declared that he wanted to block Muslims from entering the United States. Even when he first announced his campaign in June 2015, it was evident that he hated Mexicans when he typecast them as “rapists.”

As a high school sophomore, I have heard these arguments before from many different voices in media and throughout history. Yet no one seems to have had as much success in the US as Trump.

It is the duty of Americans to block out the hate speech and temptation that is Trump. Certainly, the limitation or complete ban of immigrants from entering the US would help lessen the threat of terrorism, but such a measure is too absolute.

Donald Trump abuses fear in order to advance his own campaign and gain votes. He knows that he can take advantage of the bottled-up anger and fear that have been slowly building inside voters as a result of terror attacks. Despite Trump’s attempts to rile up voters, Americans must not succumb to his rhetoric.

At the end of the day, after the ISIS conflict is finished, after fear, anger, and hate, there is only one thing that comes with the dark side — suffering.

And this suffering will be felt by all American citizens alike.