Drumline closes the homecoming assembly


Miranda Irwin

Drumline performs at the homecoming assembly.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Drumline is what everyone looks forward to in school assemblies. They’re the stars of the show and that’s why they’re always saved for last,” said senior Jenna Mourad after the homecoming assembly last Thursday.

Carlmont’s drumline consists of a small number of boys from each grade. They practice for performances on their own time and come up with creative choreography and entertaining acts to weave into their performances.

Senior Peter Brydon has been in Drumline all throughout his high school career and is now the man in charge.

There were seven boys who graduated last year that previously played a big role in Drumline.

“Several spots needed to be filled. Luckily we set up a practice squad to prepare so the kids that would fill the spots would be more comfortable with the whole Drumline atmosphere. This year is different because we have relatively new drummers, whereas last year we had guys that had been on Drumline all four years,” said Brydon.

The students in Drumline put a lot of time and effort into making their performances fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Leading up to performances, they practice for several hours every day after school. For homecoming this year, they had three additional morning practices at 6 a.m. to prepare.

“Because procrastination is a Drumline tradition, unfortunately, we usually create performances roughly two weeks in advance. But after a lot of preparing and long practices, things usually fall into place,” said Brydon.

Drumline’s performances get students pumped up, especially when they perform pop songs that everyone is familiar with and put on skits to entertain the school.

“The end of the performance was the highlight to me because we played the song ‘Animals’ and I got a solo role. Also Drumline has shrunk down to eight people instead of 12 due to [a change by] the band teachers. It makes choreography for this kind of stuff harder, but I like the challenge and think we did well with what we could work with,” said junior Michael Muldoon.

Even though Drumline has faced some new challenges this year, the roar from the crowd at the homecoming assembly proves that they were successful in their musical performance and in their ability to entertain the school.