Embracing Polynesian culture in the Pacific Islander Club


Mikayla Fong

Polynesian Club performing at Carlmont’s 2015 Heritage Fair

Ethan Wong, Staff Writer

The Pacific Islander Club, also known as Polynesian Club, aims to promote Pacific Islander culture and become an environment where students can join and become part of the club’s family.

Senior Nicholas Reyes, Pacific Islander Club President said, “I grew up in a household that revolved around Polynesian culture, so I joined this club to get to know other Polynesians around the school. You make great friendships in this club and learn more about others, and you’re also able to help others with their problems. We’re a family.”

The Pacific Islander Club has many events planned throughout a school year, most notably Carlmont’s annual Heritage Fair.

“We have to learn a new dance each year for the Heritage Fair, and we have to prepare and practice that dance. We put a lot of time and effort into the preparation to get it perfect,” said sophomore Kiana Isono. “I love this club because of the environment and the people of the club. I also really like the dancing that we do in the club.”

Other than the Heritage Fair, Pacific Islander Club has various plans for the future.

Reyes said, “Now that we’re done with the Heritage Fair, we’re planning different fundraisers to raise money for the club. Every year we attend the MANA Youth Pacific Islander Conference, so we need to raise money for that event. Currently, we’re planning a Carlmont luau and we hope to implement this event next year.”

Despite being called the Pacific Islander Club, this unique club welcomes all students.

Junior Kiana Edwards said, “Originally I was recruited to dance with the club at the Heritage Fair, but I later joined because I felt like I was a part of the Polynesian community. Even though I’m not Polynesian, all the members welcomed me and it’s a place where I can enjoy dancing and celebrate all the different aspects of Polynesian culture.”

If you’re interested in joining Carlmont’s Polynesian community, the Pacific Islander Club meets at U-12 on Thursdays.