Feminist Club spreads gender equality awareness


Megan Tao

Feminist Club members, Sophomores Evelyn Lawrence and Sydney Pon, hold up the equality sign.

Megan Tao, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

Carlmont’s Feminist Club strives to spread awareness about gender equality and feminism around Carlmont High School and the community.

Senior Elise Dimick, the club’s co-president, said,”Our goal is to educate students about feminism. We do this by expose students to the political, economic, and social injustices females endure, raise awareness about sexual assault and rape culture, empower others to speak out against sexism and gender discrimination, and hopefully create a more positive outlook towards feminism at Carlmont.”

Senior Sophie Fox, co-president of Feminist Club said,”The club is based around gender equality and empowering women.”

Students have joined Feminist Club for various reasons, whether it’s curiosity or wanting to take action and support feminism; they have all found it worthwhile.

Sophomore Sydney Pon, a member of Feminist Club said,”I joined because my friend told me about it and I wanted to learn more about the topic of feminism.”

Dimick said she joined because,”I experienced oppression from the media and I didn’t think it was right for women to be deemed inferior.”

The club meets every Monday during lunch in room T7. Ideas are also shared outside of meetings on the club’s public Facebook page.

By joining the club, various students have gained new knowledge of feminism and passion for it.

After being in the club for the past year, Pon said,”My definition of feminism is still developing, but I think it’s equality between men and women.”

Fox said,”I realized it’s something I’m really passionate about and I care a lot about it.”

Last year the club met with the principal, Lisa Gleaton, to discuss sexist terminology, such as the ‘3B’s,’ boobs, belly and butt, which are used in the dress code policy. In the current student planner the dress code policy has been revised to not be so geared towards only females, but equally addressed to males and females.

This year, the club is going to try to get more involved in Planned Parenthood and other organizations that are focused towards empowering women.

Pon said that one of the major goals of Feminist Club “[is to] spread awareness.”