First year DECA member places in top 8

Sophomore Bo Yoon Lee shows off her top eight finalist pin after getting off stage.

Connie Yi

Sophomore Bo Yoon Lee shows off her top eight finalist pin after getting off stage.

Connie Yi , Staff Writer

“Top 8 finalist for the Food Marketing Individual Series, from Carlmont Bo Yoon Lee.”

As a student who came back to America after three years of living in Korea, it was hard for sophomore Lee to adjust with the American customs.

“I was born in Michigan and when I turned 5, I moved to Korea. My fifth grade year I came back to America, to Portland, Oregon for only a year, then I moved back to Korea for the time being until the summer before freshman year,” said Lee.

Fortunately there were two older “sisters” that helped her.

“I got involved in DECA because of Grace and Connie Yi [who] told me to join DECA. At first I didn’t know what it was, but at my first LACE conference, it was interesting to see all these students come together as one and experience business work together,” said Lee.

At the DECA conferences, students compete against one another in events in Finance, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, and Entrepreneurship. For the individual series events, students take a 100 question multiple choice test to show their knowledge in business. In addition, they have to do two role plays which are typically business scenarios and mock interviews in which they make recommendations for a company or a service.

Lee was one of the eight finalists competing against 84 other individuals in the Food Marketing Series Event (FMS) at the State Conference from February 26 to March 1.

“At the first competitive District Conference I did really bad, but I looked over at what I could improve in and this past weekend I tried to pay attention to those points the judge told me to,” said Lee.

DECA’s advisor Gayle McGinnis, although was not there at the time of the award ceremony, was thrilled that Lee was able to get the opportunity to be on stage.

“I was so proud and surprised that a first time participant did so well and I was pleased and it showed that the team worked together to help prepare all participants for the conference,” said McGinnis.

Other DECA members also performed well at the State Conference.

Sophomore Emily Wong said, “I was in the Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Team Series with Miranda Wong. I got an 84 percent on my test for Hospitality and Tourism which is apparently good from what I hear. It was a lot of fun, I am actually considering in going into business now after DECA. It was a really interesting and engaging experience.”

Lee was happy that her hard work paid off at the conference.

“Winning the finalist award was amazing to me because going against many people and being a top finalist, it surprised me in how much I am really capable of,” said Lee.