Flags in the quad represent all students at Carlmont

Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer

Every year, flags from all over the world are put around the Carlmont campus.

This is a sign that Heritage Fair is coming. 

The Heritage Fair gives all students a chance to represent and celebrate their culture without judgment.

“Heritage Fair is always very interesting. I get a chance to try different foods, watch different performances, and I also get to see what people with the same French culture as me bring to the celebration,” said sophomore Manon Llorach.

The fair also gives students a chance to learn about new cultures from the diversity that Carlmont provides.

“It’s intended that everyone has fun and also becomes educated on the diversity that this school has to offer,” said sophomore Madeline Quinn, an ASB commissioner in clubs and culture.

One key part of celebrating Heritage Fair at Carlmont is the decorations that ASB puts around campus.

“Each hall represents a continent within the world, we have placed pictures of landmarks, flags, animals, and other figures that represent that continent. The purpose of this is to have students feel that they are accepted in our community and to encourage them to celebrate their culture,” said Quinn.

All clubs at Carlmont have a chance to participate in this celebration and are able to contribute what they want in either the assembly or during lunch.

“Decorating with Filipino things really means a lot to me because it’s like I’m reconnecting with where my family originally came from,” said sophomore Bailey Wong, a member of the Filipino Club.