Foxes’ clarity made her album extraordinary

The deluxe edition of

The deluxe edition of “All I Need” includes four more songs.


Adriana Ramirez, Staff Writer

Singer-songwriter Foxes had clarity for what her new album, “All I Need,” was going to communicate to her audience, and she nailed it.

Foxes, whose birth name was Louisa Rose Allen, released her second album, “All I Need,” on Feb. 5, 2016.

Her debut album was called “Glorious,” and it was another exceptional hit.

Most people probably know her from her collaboration with Zedd, a DJ and musician, on the song “Clarity.”

After all, that song peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

“Clarity” showcased the potential Foxes had to be a great artist, which is now more evident in her recently-released album.

Her last album, “Glorious,” had a great rhythm and flow. However, Foxes wanted to deviate from that focus and create an album that is much more personal.

She told Digital Spy, “I was inspired a lot more with this record [“All I Need”] with stripping things back and making it a lot more emotional. I didn’t want to do a concept album, I always like it when I can write from a diary in a way. It’s quite an emotional album.”

And emotional it is.

Some songs that present this concept are “Devil Side” and “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” both with very powerful and sentimental lyrics.

The lyrics of “Devil Side” go, “Still I want you, but not for your devil side, not for your haunted life, just for you.”

In addition, the background music adds a mysterious yet intriguing factor to the song, making it even more irresistible to listen to it on repeat.

For the song “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” she released a music video that brought out the best of the song.

The music video was first released by H&M on July 23 to promote her new album, “All I Need.”

Foxes told H&M, “I wanted the video to feel cinematic and tell a short story; I play an older sister helping her brother believe in himself, and it tells the story of a mother who isn’t always there for them both because of her own demons.”

Other songs, like “Scar” and “Money,” deliver important messages that should be heard loud and clear.

Lyrics of “Scar” go, “You cut me deep, it hurt to feel. It’s taking time, but wounds, they heal. Now you’re just a scar, a story I tell. Such an ugly mark, but I wear it so well.”

She tells us that even though a cut can leave an ugly mark, there comes a time when instead of the actual scar healing, the person does, which is even better.

Foxes said to Digital Spy, “I wanted to write in a positive way, and the album’s very much about finding yourself again after something that might have been a difficult time. I’m so happy with it. [It’s] a lot more honest this time around.”

Now, all I need are tickets to her concert.

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