Freshman year — 10 reasons why it’s not all bad


Danielle Hamer

You can spot stereotypical freshmen by their over-sized backpacks.

We’ve all been in that situation.

The bell is going to ring in less than ten seconds. You are going to be late to math class yet again — and you just can’t afford another tardy slip.

Books in hand, bag sliding off the shoulder, you walk as fast as you can.

However, the stuffed-to-the-gills backpack resting on the back of a tiny little high schooler walking in front of you is in your way — not to mention practically smacking you in the face.


While there are exceptions to the rule, the new kids on the block are stereotyped constantly. We’ve all been there, so don’t deny it.

Big backpacks, nervous about getting stuffed into a trash can, and sweaty from their required P.E. course — freshmen don’t often get the best rep.

However, as high school students become studious sophomores, jaw-clenching juniors, and finally, stressing seniors, a look back at the year it all began may show why it wasn’t so bad after all:

  1. No more middle school.

Sure, in eighth grade you may have been the top dog — but could you even use your cell phone in between classes?

  1. You have a new-found freedom.

Ah, high school, the land of no parent-teacher conferences. What a breath of fresh air.

  1. You are still holding on to the school spirit.

This year, you participate at every football game, pep rally, and assembly, proudly sporting your Scots spirit. You may get discouraged after the third time blue glitter paint sticks in your hair for the entire football season.

  1. Required P.E. keeps you fit and happy.

Running laps may not seem like a blessing now, but in a few years, when your most strenuous exercise is the victory dance you do after finishing your APUSH outline, you’ll understand.

  1. Grades don’t count as much.

While your report card shouldn’t exactly be a series of Fs, the grades you receive this year are not scrutinized too much when you apply for college.

  1. There are new activities to explore.

Students can take advantage of clubs like Gay-Straight Alliance, a wider variety of sports, and other unique opportunities that weren’t offered in middle school. I bet there wasn’t a Quidditch Club to join in middle school.

  1. You are automatically supplied with three grades of role models.

Older students have words of wisdom and advice in high school — they aren’t simply there to tease you when you make a (much faster than needed) mad dash to get to class.

  1. New school, new you.

This year, you come in with a clean slate. There will be new friends, new sports, new dress code — it makes for a major confidence boost.

  1. It’s still semi-socially acceptable to get lost on campus.

Emphasis on “semi.”

1.You have three more years ahead of you to begin to discover yourself.

Enjoy it!