Freshman year: a new beginning

Freshman year: a new beginning

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

“High school has definitely been more challenging academically. I’ve had to adjust to a heavier work load,” said freshman Sophie Clark. Like most of her fellow classmates, Clark has spent the year learning the ins and outs of Carlmont.

Though social cliques can be heavily enforced within a high school, Clark said, “I feel that there is less pressure to fit in. I can really just be myself here. Also, the age gap doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I have a lot a senior friends and it isn’t weird. In middle school, if I was in eighth grade, being friends with a sixth grader would be weird.”

Sophie Clark during her seventh period drama class.
Sophie Clark during her drama class.

Starting high school can be a transitional stage for many. New classes, new campus and new friends. For Clark,  this new experience was and continues to be shared with her twin brother. “It’s cool being a twin because you’re never really alone,” said Clark.

Despite the perks of having a twin sibling, Clark said, “There’s a lot of competition between us both socially and academically. Most of the time it’s others who compare us, but we try to avoid it. We get into arguments now and then, but its not too bad because we’re really close.”

Unlike her brother, Clark spends the majority of her free time acting in advanced Drama class or playing guitar at home. “I love acting. It’s so much fun and I’ve made tons of new friends from it,” said Clark.

Clark is currently in Carlmont’s production of Annie Get Your Gun. “It’s been really fun. I can’t wait for opening night. All the rehearsals will finally pay off,” said Clark.

When asked for a unique fact about herself, Clark said, “I don’t really like sand. Most of my friends like the beach but the sand kind of ruins it for me.”

“If I had to sum up my freshman year up to this point in one word, I would say it’s interesting,” said Clark.

As Clark and the rest of her freshman class head towards the end of their first year in high school, most would agree that the experience is unexpected and different for everyone.