Great holiday gifts for less

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With the holidays upon us, it is hard to find fast and affordable gifts. This month can be stressful and busy, but knowing what to get will save you time and money.

An iPod is fairly expensive, usually ranging between $100-$400, but iPod headphones can range from $10 to $25. Headphones make a great gift for those who are constantly listening to music.   

If the person you are giving the gift to already has an iPod, you may consider getting them an alarm clock that charges and plays their iPod. This gift allows he or she to wake up to their music and blast it whenever he or she pleases. The price for this product is typically around $20, but $50 for more expensive models.

Sleds are great gifts for kids because they are outdoor toys that get children out of the house. They can be $25, but the nicer sleds are more likely $100. 

Card games include the whole family and are very affordable. They are only $5 and involve the whole family in one big game night. Homemade hot chocolate is absolutely free.

Cookbooks with personalized recipes are cute and original gift ideas.

A photo album is easy to put together and just as creative.

Homemade CDs, including your favorite songs, are another homemade and free gift. These CDs could be personalized for every person you give them too.  

For little girls, nail polish, beads, and face paint is the perfect gift and for little boys, Legos, and blocks are essential. These are incredibly cheap and will brighten their smile.

For the average outdoors type, gardening gloves and planting seeds make the perfect gift. 

Chocolate makes a good gift for all ages and makes a great stocking stuffer. It can come in holiday shapes and boxes to complete the gift.

Sometimes the best gifts are not material objects. As Charlotte Jackman, a Carlmont sophomore student, said, “A good present is the present of love.”

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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