High-powered Improv Team holds successful tryouts

Club leaders add new members to carry on the acting legacy


Junior Lauren Pittock and Improv Team alum Tim Gachot proudly wear their team shirts.

Danielle Hamer, Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

While most teachers would most likely not welcome funny accents and off-the-grid imaginations in the classroom while students are learning equations and writing essays, there is a place on campus where aspiring student comedians and actors can exercise their unique skills- Carlmont’s Improv Team.

The team, which meets every week to play improvisational games, act, and bond with each other, held auditions May 22 to May 23 to select a prized few members to help carry on their comedic legacy.

The team puts on improv shows a few times a year to showcase their skills and gets laughter from a student audience. The seniors who are going off to college next year are leaving twelve spots to be filled by new improvers who will practice and perform in the shows.

Sophomore and new team member Nick Roe said, “I did drama this year and the fun improvisational games we did made me want to get involved. I figured I would give it my best shot and try out for the club. Shows like Saturday Night Live have really influenced my love for comedy, and improv seems like a great place to continue involvement with acting.”

The current members of the club got excited for the upcoming year after the auditions were held.

Junior Elias Sebti, who will be president of the club next year, said “Improv is a lot of fun and had made me a better public speaker this year. I can not wait to bond further with current and start meeting the new members of next year- that is my favorite part, the fact that we are not just a club but a community.”

Each year, when the club sets out to find new members, they hold an audition where they play simple acting games and improvisational with prospective members.

Senior and current president Marcella Haddad said, “At auditions, we look for committed, talented members who truly want to be on the team and we simply observe the way they act and take into account how energetic and passionate they are. That is important.”

The try-outs lasted two days and went smoothly, as the club leaders and team members had hoped.

Junior Lauren Pittock, who will be joining Sebti as co-president next year said, “We had so many amazingly talented people at the tryouts, and it was so sad that we couldn’t take everyone. The talent at our school is ridiculous! We hope everyone who auditioned comes back, and if anyone has any interest in being a part of the team, they can audition in the fall.”

The high level of excitement coming from the current Improv Team shows that the student body should look forward to a lot of talent and laughs from a bonded and accomplished team next year.