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Carlmont's improv team performs in the blackbox theater.

Carlmont’s improv team improvises their way through the world

March 23, 2019

Carlmont’s Improv Team showcases their first performance of the year in the blackbox theater. ...

Junior Blake Du Bois acts as an interpreter during a game where the actors pretend to speak in a foreign language.

Audience members play a role during Improv show

April 30, 2016

For over two hours, laughter filled the theater, ranging from smirks to roars. On Friday April 29, 2016, Carlmont Improv held two sold-out shows in their black box theater for...

Carlmont's Improv Team

Funny students wanted for Carlmont’s Improv Team

April 5, 2015

Are you funny? Do you love acting? Audition for Carlmont's very own Improv team. Improv, short for improvisational theater, is a form of comedic acting where performers make...

Random creativity of Improv

February 26, 2015


Junior Lauren Pittock and Improv Team alum Tim Gachot proudly wear their team shirts.

High-powered Improv Team holds successful tryouts

June 2, 2014

While most teachers would most likely not welcome funny accents and off-the-grid imaginations in the classroom while students are learning equations and writing essays, there is...

Zoe Chien encourages support from audience

Improv team: Hopes to have support from audience

October 3, 2013

Members of the improv team at Carlmont High School are preparing for their upcoming performance, which will consist of set games, and an audience who will be providing ideas. Improv...

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