Home is where the heart is


Julian Smith, Staff Writer

Written by Sylvester Stallone and starring Jason Statham, “Homefront” promises a ludicrous action thriller.

Statham, as always, plays the blood-hungry protagonist aimlessly searching for any arbitrary reason to impose his will upon someone or something.

homefront posterIt all starts with Statham playing the role of Phil Broker, an undercover DEA agent who is working on a biker-gang meth bust. Predictably, the plan goes astray and the now retired Broker retreats to his small Louisiana hometown to avoid a sure retaliation. But what would the movie be without the biker gang coming back to haunt Broker?

Statham comes home to his elementary school aged daughter, Kit, who seems to follow in her fathers thuggish roots. After Kit delivers a ‘harmless’ punch to her school bully, the action begins.

The bully’s mother, Kate Bosworth, and meth-dealing uncle, James Franco, take this young girl’s punch as no joke. To the movie’s delight, Franco’s girlfriend just so happens to be affiliated with a biker gang, conveniently the same one Statham had crossed paths with earlier in the film.

This leaves only one option, not to skip town with his daughter, not to simply file a police report, but to single handedly, or in some situations even with his hands tied behind his back, protect his home front.

“Homefront” is all that you would expect, cliche, predictable, outrageous, and yet somehow still watchable, and furthermore like able. I must admit I have a soft-spot for Statham and Stallone, this action thriller may not be Rambo, but it nevertheless is still a worthwhile movie.

“Homefront” lacks a solid plot and is not particularly well directed, but action movies are all about the action, and this movie provides plenty of it.