Homecoming spreads school spirit amongst Carlmont students once more


Shiloh Gomez

Gregory Schoenstein, a Carlmont teacher, represents the Scots by wearing a kilt on Friday, the last day of spirit week, with the theme of Scots gear. Kilts are traditional clothing that were worn by men as part of the Scottish Highland dress.

Carlmont’s homecoming was last week, and, as such, students prepared and showed excitement for the event by participating in the special themes of the homecoming spirit week.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) decided that this year’s homecoming theme would be Candyland. Most days were based on different sweets; for example, Minty Monday, where students wore red and white to represent mints.

Homecoming was pushed towards the end of October last year due to COVID-19, which made last year’s themes inspired by Halloween concepts. During quarantine, there were no spirit weeks because of the pandemic and online schooling. This year, however, because the homecoming dance was a set plan, students showed lots of school spirit by not only dressing according to clothing themes but participating in various homecoming-related activities as well.

Spirit Week Themes by Kyra Lu

“I think Candyland was an easy thing to decorate for and theme around,” said sophomore class president Audrey Wong. “The homecoming floats were also based on the theme.”

This year, ASB split the various different preparative jobs up. Class officers decided on the themes of each day, while the dance commission decided on the overall concept of the homecoming dance

There was a homecoming meeting to brainstorm ideas last year, and Candyland was a suggestion from last year that wasn’t used then but was brought back for this year. Brainstormed ideas were compiled and turned into this year’s various different spirit days.

“The group of class officers, which is 12 people, decides on the spirit week’s themes,” Wong said. “We get input from people inside and outside of ASB too, but ultimately, the class officers decide what the themes are going to be.”

Spirit week involves the Carlmont community and gets people excited for homecoming. Even different spirit weeks scattered throughout the year connect the Carlmont students and allow them to have fun together.

“Spirit week gives the school a chance to come together because everyone’s wearing the same things,” said Jasmine Marwaha, a senio.

Later in the school year, there will be more spirit weeks and activities to showcase students’ expressiveness. When they come, the various themes will give students and teachers a burst of excitement during typical weeks.

“I feel like spirit weeks are really creative and make it so that a normal week is not just another boring week to go through,” Marwaha said.