Homecoming parade floats generate creativity and school spirit


Ryu Shukla

Carlmont sophomores come up with ideas for the sophomore float in the ASB room on Monday, Oct 3.

Homecoming week has kicked off into full swing, and Carlmont students are working after school to design and assemble floats for the halftime parade for Friday’s homecoming game.

Homecoming week is one of the most exciting times of the year for students at Carlmont. It consists of several organized events, including a themed dance, a football game, and a parade that takes place in the halftime show.

With the homecoming dance coming up in a few days, it is important to show school spirit. Other than participating in spirit week, this project brings students together to create products for school spirit.

“It’s a fun group project after school,” said Audrey Wong, sophomore president.

Each grade has its own parade float, which is devised and constructed by members of the Associated Student Body (ASB) along with other student volunteers. 

Students take their free time after school to work on the parade floats, and there are very few, if any teachers and staff involved in the process.

“One of the things I take pride in ASB is that it’s really student-centered,” said Jim Kelly, ASB advisor.

ASB is too big for him to have input and control over many things. So the floats are completely created by students’ innovative ideas and compromises, as there are many different ideas. Although students have great ideas, their resources are limited.

“We use cardboard, PVC pipes, paper, and paint, so that limits what we can do,” Wong said.

Despite their restrictions, they adapt to what they have and create their classes float out of what they have access to. According to Kelly, they also reuse their PVC pipes from previous years as much as possible so as not to increase the price of making the floats.

While ASB members discuss the floats during their meetings, the result is made up of multiple ideas from the members, as well as student participants.

“Floats show whatever we can brainstorm and work on collaboratively,” Wong said.

Though float decorating is after school, it is a great activity to meet other students and pitch ideas in the creative thought process.

Homecoming parade floats connect students and are another opportunity for school spirit. Designing these floats for the homecoming game is a tradition that has become an important part of Carlmont culture. Participating brings students together and celebrates the accomplishments of the Carlmont community.