How to Survive High School Day Eight: Join ASB, plain and simple


Reg Chatman Jr., Staff Writer and ScotCenter Editor

Carlmont Associated Student Body (ASB) is Carlmont’s student government class that takes place in room A8 during fourth period. It is simply the best possible thing to get involved in on campus, plain and simple.

Student government class or ASB is something that takes place at many schools. The role ASB plays at different schools varies, but the ASB at Carlmont has a job for anyone. ASB at Carlmont is in charge of ranging from dances and rallies to human relation events like blood drives and the multicultural fair.

There are commissions like the assemblies commission that plan the all school assemblies and publicity commission that advertises the events. ASB also has finance officers that handle the schools budget, along the opportunity to represent one’s class as president or vice president.

I am a four year Carlmont ASB student and current ASB president and I have learned not just about leadership and being able to work with companies and facilitate work, but I have learned more about who I am as a person while creating relationships with people that last a life time.

Activities director and teacher Jim Kelly has found a way to mix work with pleasure by allowing students to learn how to do their job from experienced student supervisors but allows for team bonding on the three scheduled ASB field trips through team bonding games and problem solving.

Kelly often reminds us that there is no other group that you will come across in your life like ASB. Joining ASB gives you the chance to literally make your high school experience what you want it to be!