How to Survive High School Day 12: Getting work done


Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

Procrastination, the disease that seems to hit all high school students one way or another.

Freshmen year was a good year for me. I was getting all my work done and my grades were good, but it wasn’t until sophomore year when it all went downhill. Instead of being on task and getting all my work done, I began to wait until last minute to finish assignments. I know what you are thinking, “Oh, I do that all the time, what’s wrong with that?”.

First of all, procrastination adds on a bunch of avoidable stress. Having to cram work in at the last minute affects the quality and effort put into the work as well. Honestly, after I stopped procrastinating I took more pride in my work and I definitely had a lot less stress. My grades suffered, I was not trying my best, and I could have easily avoided that.

I was so obsessed with procrastinating that I didn’t even notice that what I was doing was bad. End of sophomore year, my parents gave me a reality check. Now that I am a junior, I have decided to quit procrastinating and to start taking pride in my work. I have been finishing all my work way before the due date and I have actually had so much more time to do fun stuff. I have had a lot less stress so far and I never have to worry about my grades because I know that I have finished and turned in all of my assignments.

Life is much easier staying on task, so don’t procrastinate.

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