iPhones vs. Androids

iPhones vs. Androids

TIan Chary, Staff writer

In this day and age it is not surprising to many to see 10 year olds carrying around the latest touch phones.

However, that is no longer the concern to people. More people are worried about the most up-to-date smart phones and which phone is better.

android-vs-iphoneCompare iPhones and Androids. These are the greatest competitors of each other. With iPhones running with Apple’s iOS operating system and Androids using Google’s operating system, it is very difficult to determine who has the better software.

Junior Kailee Wiser said, “I really don’t like how for Apple products, you can only use the Apple software. I think there are more flexibilities with [Androids.] iPhones, [have to be used] with the Apple software, but when you use it with the Apple software it is very convenient. [Especially] for photos and music.”

Phones are similar to a popularity contest. The phone earns the most likes will be the one that sells the best.

Senior Danny Akkel said, “I see that a lot of people say that Apple is more ‘high-end’ or a better brand just because [of the] hype. There is a reason behind it [though], the reason is, it is just so user-friendly. It is so easy, I have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook Pro, so when I use those three because of iCloud, everything that I put on one goes on the others.”

Android also has lovers, “Androids work better!,” said senior Marisely Monterroso.

Monterroso also said, “I feel like for iPhones, you can find more stuff about them [such as] phone cases, but for Androids you cannot. Some people use Siri, but I don’t like using that.”

Senior Gaby Rios said, “Supposedly the iOS 7 sucks, it made the phone worse and many people are switching to the Galaxy.”

It can be due to the different advertisements of Apple products that draw consumers in. Like, Monterroso mentioned, it is much easier to find accessories for iPhones than Androids.

But after all, it should be your own preference and not the media’s peer pressure. New phones come out yearly just to grab the consumers’ attention. Although some are in it because of curiosity, others are tenacious to stay faithful to their beloved iPhones.