Just Don delivers for a second time



Fresh out of the box, The Just Don 2 looks ready to be muddied-up.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Every Saturday, Nike releases a new Jordan to the public to purchase.

This Saturday is special, however. On Jan. 30, Jordan will release the highly anticipated collaboration with Just Don. This time, the collaboration will be on the Air Jordan 2.

Last year, Jordan and Just Don released a blue Air Jordan 2, with a leather upper at a retail price of $250. This shoe was fully blue, and the shoe later was reselling for prices over $1,000.

This year’s Just Don 2 will be in an off-white color called “beach” and will not only feature the shoe but will also come as a pack.

This pack will contain the shoes, a hat, a pin and two dust bags. With this new addition, the retail price has become $650. To most people, this price has become a controversy, since paying $400 more for a hat, pin, and dust bags sounds unreasonable.

Sophomore James Houston said, “I think this new ‘beach’ color way is very sleek and reminds me of the beaches in Florida. Although this is a good looking shoe, I really wished they would release it without the hat — an extra $400 is a little bit of a problem.”

The hat is made of snake skin, an expensive material. Only some consumers will be happy with this pack, but most others will not.

Junior Kyle Kawakami said, “I’m not a huge fan of the Air Jordan 2, but this collaboration is awesome. Although the extras that come with the shoe are nice, I personally only care about the shoe.”

With the numerous complaints about the extra price, Nike is rumored to have a separate release on the Nike Lab website.

Sophomore Anthony Arteaga said, “Although I don’t like the Air Jordan 2, this pair is actually great. I love what Just Don does, and I am excited to get myself a pair this weekend.”

Overall, the Just Don 2 is widely appealing and will certainly have people wait in lines for hours on end just to get a pair.