Justin Bieber’s ‘Dress to impress’ attempts fail miserably


Angela Perez de Tagle, Staff Writer

Oh baby, baby, baby.

19-year-old pop icon Justin Bieber made headlines yet again thanks to his controversial arrest last Thursday morning.

“What the f*** did I do?” Bieber asked, as a Miami Beach police officer instructed him to pull over.

Well, Justin, you’ve committed a crime. And it’s not the drunk driving that deserves public scrutiny and criticism– it’s your wardrobe.

Leave it to Bieber to have found himself on the list of 2013s worst dressed celebrities, a feat he proved to be much less complicated than his DUI charges.

Senior Mia Sasaki was at a loss for words when attempting to describe Bieber’s unique style. “Style? What style?” Sasaki asked.

Bieber’s collection of most memorable clothing disasters begins with his meeting with Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper . His effort– or rather, lack of effort– to impress the prime minister in formal attire was evident when Bieber posted a photo of his outfit on Instagram, along with the caption, “I hope you hate my style.”


Congratulations, Justin. Your wish came true.

Next on the list is a gas-masked Bieber who was seen shopping at the London clothing store, ACNE, last winter. Perhaps it was an attempt to be a part of the full-face mask trend promoted by well-known rappers such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Then again, perhaps he should have recognized the facts before he stepped out in public. Kanye West and A$AP Rocky are legitimate hip-hop artists. Bieber sings pop.


Shirts are generally considered appropriate attire when not in private, however, suspicions have been raised that maybe, just maybe, Bieber has yet to receive the memo. And in addition to this, Bieber has redefined ‘sagging’ pants into his own style.

Though we can certainly applaud him for, at the very least, remembering to wear pants in public, Bieber has exhibited a peculiar taste for pajamas, leather, and the unspeakable.

When were skinny leather pants replaced by baggy leather nonsense, and when did knee-pockets become stylish?

“I don’t know who deserves more of the blame. Justin, for wearing those pants, or the designer who thought they were fashionable,” said senior Jorge Rodriguez.

Despite the atrocity that is Bieber’s wardrobe, the tackiest and most memorable Bieber look of all time is still and will forever remain his bright orange jumpsuit.


Don’t worry, Justin. Your poor taste in fashion won’t be a problem in prison. Belieb me.