Killing on the Court

Gabriela d'Souza, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

Carlmont girls varsity volleyball team played their ninth league game against Woodside High School yesterday. The game, which was supposed to be a blow out, went perfectly fine until the third game when Woodside made a huge come back keeping the score tied until the 19th point. Carlmont once again won their games with scores of, 25-18, 25-13, and 25-18.

The first game started with Woodside gaining a three point lead. Shelby Vance, senior, and Kallan Bedard, junior, worked hard to score the team points; bringing the Scots to a 10-8 lead. Carlmont continued to score points despite many serving errors, but only because Woodside’s team was unable to work in unison.

Bedard continued strong making two aces and three kills before retiring to the bench. A few Carlmont sophomores were subbed in such as Amelia Tupou who made an ace and two kills pushing the team to a seven point lead of 21-14.Vance made the winning point with a blazing fast kill from the left side putting the score at 25-18.

The second game began with Carlmont taking a five point lead over Woodside, who continuously tried to make come backs. Again Woodside had manly difficulties with the team and their plays, Carlmont continued to dominate on the court until the last point when the game got very intense.

Woodside played very strongly when it came down to the last point of game two, they scored two points on the Scots and gave Carlmont fans a scare. Everyone eyed the courts intensely as the ball whizzed around until finally coming to rest with Woodside after one of Bedard’s fast kills.

Woodside continued their hot streak in the third game keeping the score tied until the 19th point when Carlmont pulled out ahead after a combined effort of Amanda Morris, Kallan Bedard, Charlotte Jackman, and Ashley Duba.

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