Looking forward to third season of Awkward

Awkward Promotional Poster

Awkward Promotional Poster

Tara Ebrahimpour, Staff Writer

Awkward Promotional Poster

On April 16th, the hit TV show “Awkward” will start a new season. What is the secret to its rising popularity? “Awkward” is popular with the teenage crowd, especially teenage girls because of the outgoing characters and engaging plot.

“Awkward” is a 2011 MTV comedy series. The plot circles around the life of Jenna Hamilton, a high school student who is a social outcast. She gets the attention of her peers due to an accident that is mistaken as a suicide attempt.

Eventually, she gets involved with Matty, who is very popular. They keep their relationship a secret because Matty is embarrassed by her. Later, to make things even more complicated, Jenna develops feelings for Jake, Matty’s friend, while she is still with Matty. Other characters include Jenna’s friends, Tamara and Ming.

The show has become so popular after two seasons, that fans have been anticipating the season three premiere for weeks.

“I’m really excited to see Tamara and Jake’s relationship this season and I want to see where Ming and her boyfriend go,” said sophomore Tori Hall.

“I think the show got less dramatic at the end of the second season, but I have a feeling there will be more drama in the next one that might make it more interesting,” said sophomore Raneem Mokatrin. The show has become a crowd-pleaser  due to unexpected twists that happened in the last season.

The fans are looking forward to how relationships will develop this season. “I want Jake and Tamara to be together! It’s just the right amount of random and socially outrageous,” added Mokatrin.  “I’m looking forward to seeing whether Jenna is ultimately happy with her decision to date Matty or not. “

The show has been nominated for many awards and has won one Teen Choice Award and a People’s Choice Award.



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