Mahdavi’s dedication to water polo pays off


Armon about to pass the ball

Stuart Vickery, Staff Writer

Sophomore Armon Mahdavi started out with little knowledge of water polo, but has since become a strong member of the junior varsity (JV) water polo team.

Mahdavi started out last year as a freshman with little expertise, but has improved and become an important asset to the team as a player and a teammate.

“Armon has improved from not being the strongest swimmer to being [a valuable player],” said Kurt Castro, a member of the JV water polo team.

Mahdavi had to put in the time and effort to get better, knowing that water polo was not an easy sport to learn. He had his work cut out for him.

“Water polo is a very tiring sport. To be swimming as fast as you can one way and then immediately switching directions takes a lot of effort,” said Mahdavi.

Mahdvi has been working hard both during Carlmont’s water polo season and offseason to get better.

“Water polo is all about practice. Playing offseason in leagues has helped me improve my game,” said Mahdavi.

Despite hard training, Mahdavi still has his passion for water polo and remains dedicated to the sport.

“The thing I love about water polo is that we all have a common goal, and we all work very hard at it,” said Mahdavi.

Mahdavi, despite his improvement from the past season, still hopes to do better next season. “I see myself [having] improved and playing to my best ability.”