‘Mako Mermaids’ dives into a new season


The spin-off of


The spin-off of "H2O: Just Add Water" is about the ripples that mermaids and a newly transformed merman cause, affecting both humans and merpeople.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

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Halfway through its second season, “Mako Mermaids” is still revealing plot twists and in-depth character development with a new cast.

The series is about three young mermaids who accidentally givie a teenager named Zac the ability to transform into a merman.

The second season begins with growing tensions, as the ruling mermaid council deems Zac a threat to mermaids. However, Zac soon realizes that he is not the only human who is able to gain a tail while in the water.

One of the three mermaids who granted Zac his powers, Sirena, befriends two new mermaids who attempt to take away Zac’s merman form so that the mermaids can return to their island home.

However, due to complications, two other humans end up gaining the power to transform into merpeople as well. This becomes one of the driving forces of the conflict that brews in this season.

The series emphasizes Zac’s inability to stay true to himself and not let others corrupt his judgment and loyalties. Despite enjoying his powers and capabilities, he has little faith in those close to him, and continuously accuses them of holding him back.

Zac’s character growth is both addressed and shown improving over the course of the show, signaling the intent of the creators to appeal to older audiences.

There is an overarching storyline taking place, that still allows some diversity with side stories occurring in different episodes while maintaining the gradual buildup.

Characters who were not relevant to the plot of the first season are expanded upon, showing a new side to even the annoying and seemingly bland character. This also allows for a sense of connection to the previous season for returning audiences, while allowing new viewers to enjoy it just as much.

The series is available on Netflix.

4 / 5 stars.

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