McPherson’s passion doesn’t end with dance


Senior Logan McPherson

Claire Porter, Staff Writer

Many know Logan McPherson as the four-year advanced dance senior who often stars in performances due to her skill, but not necessarily as the passionate future social worker.

“I have always dreamed of doing services for people,” said McPherson. “I love nothing more than helping those in need.”

However, dance will always be a part of McPherson’s life. She has danced for 10 years and plans to continue by joining a college dance team, but not major in the subject. Instead, she’ll be majoring in social work, which is the work carried out by trained personnel with the aim to alleviate conditions of those in need of help or welfare.

Last summer, McPherson had the opportunity to work with young children with special needs at dance camp. There, she discovered her love for not only helping others, but helping children with disabilities.

Her fellow dancers at the studio also noticed how easily she got along with their teacher’s daughters, especially one who has a disability.

“They’re so excited to see Logan all the time,” said senior Jessie Real. “She constantly talks to the girls and spends so much time with them.”

Real explained that McPherson has always been good at understanding and relating to others, putting her in a prime position to work with those in need on a daily basis.

Some may be surprised as to why McPherson is choosing against a career in dance, but Real, an advanced dancer herself, understands the struggle.

“I think Logan chose social work and not dance because dance has a way of making you feel bad all the time because you’re comparing yourself to others constantly. It’s a stressful career. So she chose something that she knows she loves and that makes her feel really good all the time,” said Real.

According to, people feel great when they give because they get a “helper’s high.” Similarly, teenagers who are giving tend to be happier and more involved and engaged than their counterparts.

Senior and dancer Kiana Yekrang has also been attentive to McPherson and has noticed a positive change after McPherson’s embrace of her love for service.

“Since she discovered her passion for helping people mixed in with working with children, she seems to be happier and more confident as she has found her true self and what she is meant to do,” said Yekrang.

Not everyone has the understanding and patience required to pursue a career in service, but McPherson is confident that this is the future for her.

“It would warm my heart to be able to spend each day with incredible children while also helping them,” said McPherson.

Real encourages McPherson’s aspirations, and said, “It’s a personal major and I requires someone to put their heart into it, and I know Logan will.”

McPherson hopes to someday become a special education teacher for children ages five and under.

McPherson doesn’t just love the feel-good aspects of helping others, she also believes that helping others is a sign of living life to it’s full capacity. “Life is about the impact you can make on other peoples lives. if you’re not helping others, you’re not fully living,” said McPherson.