Movie preview: ‘The Host’

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Movie preview: ‘The Host’

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Mirroring the release of the novel The Host after the end of the Twilight book series, producers are attempting to milk every last dime out of the Stephanie Meyer fandom as possible by producing one of her newer novels, The Host.

Twi-hard fans have given mixed responses to the novel, whose basic story differs dramatically from fantastical world they have come to love. “I’m glad it’s different,” said senior Kelly Shrader, “The Host is a much more involved story.”

The Host is certainly not the supernaturally eternal love story that has gripped Twilight fans. Instead of choosing love and immortality over an uncertain human future, the main character of The Host, Wanda, must choose between immortality and a sense of belonging.

“I think it’s far better than Twilight because it’s less superficial; The Host is more appealing for all generations,” said senior and Host enthusiast Luisa Zepeda.

The story is told from the point of view of Wanderer, or Wanda, a well-traveled “soul” (alien), is placed into the body of Melanie Stryder, one of the last rebel humans still fighting for survival  in a post-invasion world. Unlike normal host humans, Melanie won’t fade silently into the background and relinquish control of her body to Wanda.  Soon Wanda, overcome by Melanie’s emotions begins to share Melanie’s affections for her kid-brother and boyfriend, who are in hiding. Guided by these emotions, Wanda and Melanie set out on a journey to find their shared loved ones.

In a world where friendly vampires and phase one alien invasions are common, this movie is bound to be at least gripping and original. This story line is set after the alien invasion and the subsequent takeover, making it inherently better than the overplayed old alien invasion story.

This movie is not just another Twilight melodrama about the trials of having a vampire boyfriend. This movie has a much more morally complex and original story line, that in tandem with it’s incredible cast make it a must-watch movie.


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