Neon Trees illuminates

Neon Trees illuminates

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

“Pop Psychology” illuminates the true talent Neon Trees possesses in every song on the album, along with the band’s flaws.

With popular, chart-topping song “Sleeping with a Friend,” Neon Trees created an excellent album expressing their individual style and exciting personality with each aspect of their music.

“Neon Trees is a really upbeat band and I love dancing to this album. I enjoy almost every song on the album, making it one of my favorites. Even so, each song sounds extremely similar to the next,” said senior Charlotte Jackman.

Neon Trees has been consistent with their music style for their duration as a band. This consistency, along with the great quality of their music, has attracted many fans and kept many fans.

“Pop Psychology” has many songs that relate to the audience and intertwine with a fun and energetic beat, making the album commendable.

“The lead vocalist has a strong voice. The female vocalist and the male vocalist both sound in tune with one another, adding to the greatness of the album. I really enjoyed the song ‘Love in the 21st Century,'” said sophomore Sydney Cho.

The album relates mostly to teenagers, as it focuses more on aspects that appear a lot in high school drama including “Unavoidable” and “Teenager in Love” as two main songs expressing feelings often felt at a young age.

The upbeat tunes in the album not only attract listeners, but they also repel them due to a common fault among bands. This fault is a lack of diversity within songs.

“They have really good tunes, I’d just like to see a little more variety because even the sad songs are upbeat,” said sophomore Natalie Stainton.

There was more than one factor that put fans off about the album, lessening its popularity.

“Neon Trees used a lot of electronic instruments, and I would prefer that they use less of these because it ruins the songs,” said Cho.

The album’s lack of diversity and the use of electronic instruments were two major issues the album faced, yet many fans still remain faithful to the colorful and energetic band.


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