Not So Silent Night brings together the music community


Alex Lay, Staff Writer

Not So Silent Night (NSSN) occurred on Dec. 6 and Dec. 7 in the Oracle Arena where fans from all over the Bay Area gathered together to enjoy the music of 13 alternative bands.

The first night of NSSN opened with local band Fritz Montana who won the competition on the radio station Live 105. The crowd was very supportive of the band and their efforts on such a large stage.Phoenix performing at NSSN

The other bands performing on the first night included Capital Cities, Arctic Monkeys, AFI, Queens of the Stone Age, Vampire Weekend, and Kings of Leon. On the second night, bands such as The Neighbourhood, Bastille, Lorde, ALT-J, Phoenix, and Arcade Fire performed.

“There are people from different cities who love each and every one of the bands that performed. If it wasn’t for them performing together over the course of two days, none of these people would have come together to celebrate and dance,” said Valerie Barrera.

Live 105 hosted NSSN and if it wasn’t for their initiative, the event would not have occurred, which would have disappointed and upset thousands of dedicated fans.

 Many participants rely on this event to meet people who enjoy the same music while watching their favorite bands perform.

“You could tell the crowd was so happy to see the bands perform. Everyone had really good vibes and were very enjoyable to be around,” said Barrera.

On the other hand, some people had different experiences with the crowd.

“I never realized how crazy the crowd could get! During intermissions you got to see the sweetest people turn into complete animals, fighting for that spot in the front,” said Nicole Aldana.

For many people, NSSN was a life changing experience where they got to see their favorite bands play live.

“The best part about NSSN was being able to be so close to the bands and meeting lots of new people! It was a chance for people to finally see their favorite bands perform in person,” said Aldana.

The weather outside was cold, windy, and rainy, but on the inside of the Oracle Arena, the heat emanating from the enthusiastic dancing and jumping of passionate fans, warmed the entire arena.

Previous NSSN events were major successes, and that trend continued this year with a sold out show on the second night, filling the Oracle Arena with ardent fans from floor to roof.

Next year, many participants intend to return to see many of their other favorite bands perform and to meet new people.

“We all have a passion for music, and no matter who you are or what you do we were all there for the same reason and it was unbelievably amazing,” said Katarina Warburton.

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