Open House offers insight into future classes


Sadie Lyman

Parents and students walk the halls of Carlmont looking for the classes they’re interested in during Open House.

Sadie Lyman, Staff Writer

Carlmont has numerous course selections for its students that allow them to explore their interests, whether they be in art, science, math, or any other subject.

When it comes to choosing courses to take, students and parents often feel unaware of what each class offers. Carlmont’s annual Open House allows parents and students to explore their options and have their questions answered; Open House gives students the chance to figure out what courses interest them and what they feel comfortable taking.

Along with exploring different course options, parents are given the opportunity to talk to their child’s teachers and learn about what courses they are currently taking. They are also able to see examples of the work being done in each class.

Though they are given the opportunity to stop by their current classes, students are encouraged to visit the courses they are interested in taking in the future.

“I think Open House is a great way for us to see our options for next year. Also, we can talk to different teachers and get to know what each course is about,” said Sophie Mercado, a junior.

In each class, there is work displayed to help inform students and parents on the curriculum and assignments they will take part in. Teachers display projects, classwork, presentations, and more to help students become more aware of what each class has to offer.

“Carlmont has many options for students when it comes to course selections. Being able to see actual work from each class and talking with the teachers really helps when it comes down to deciding on what classes to take next year,” said Taryn Schloss, a sophomore.

Open House is especially beneficial for students who are looking into taking AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Often, AP teachers will create a document explaining all of the requirements and guidelines for their class.

“Being able to ask the AP teachers about the certain requirements of their class really helps in making the choice on whether or not to take an AP course. We have to make the right choice for ourselves because AP classes can be a lot to handle,” said Caleb Joya, a sophomore.

No matter what their interests are or what courses they want to take, Open House allows students to explore potential future classes and decide exactly which ones they want in their schedule next year.

“It is easier for me to choose the best option when I know what will be expected of me,” Joya said.