Our fashion choices: simple or stylish?


Lila Schulman

There are many options when choosing one’s outfit for the day.

Lila Schulman, Staff Writer

“What am I going to wear today?”

This is a common question many high school students ask themselves every morning.  With many different factors such as pop icons, school appropriateness, and peer pressure, it can be hard to make a decision on what to wear.

With this thought in mind, students take different approaches when tackling the daily choice of what to wear.

Erica Chen, a freshman said, “I have a set style in my head, but it doesn’t come out that way.”

Chen’s attire choices are mainly based on comfort, weather, and the school dress code.

She calls her style “normal;” her typical outfit is a t-shirt and  jeans.

Like Chen, Alice Snelling, a freshman, describes her style as “plain.” When choosing an outfit, Snelling thinks about her comfort and her mood.

Sophomore Estella Lippi, however, dresses to impress, “I get up at 6 a.m., and I spend at least 45 minutes getting dressed. It’s fun.”

Lippi finds choosing what to wear  enjoyable, “I love high school because it’s easier to be different.”

Sophomore Isabelle Valdes said, “I find one central piece to base my outfit on.”

Valdes said that fashion sources, such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest help when it comes to picking out her outfit for the day/ Valdes said, “Dressing up gives me a reason to go to school; it gives excitement.”

Other students, like Valdes, like to put energy into their look, “I put a lot of effort into my outfit. I don’t do it for others; I don’t care what others think,” said junior, Brittany Llamelo.

Sophmore, Zoe Gottlieb, who describes her style as “hipster,” likes to wear colorful clothing. Gottlieb said,”I wonder what will bring the most attention and make my outfit stand out.”

Gottlieb likes the fact that fashion allows her to be creative and original while giving her a boost, “I put in enough effort to make sure what I’m wearing makes me feel confident.”

The subject of how one dresses is different among students.

When it comes to effort, sophomore David Screnta said, “I put little to none. Being simplistic, you can’t go wrong.”

Inspiration can be found in anything depending on how someone decides to use it.  Style choices range  from  a  mish-mash of comfort-driven and ordinary, to what’s in fashion, to eye-catching and unusual. Everyone has their own look and no one style is better than another.